Stannary Charter (Rules and tips)
  • Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the sauna area.
  • The entire sauna landscape is a nudist area.
    For you, that means: no swimwear, no bathroom garments anywhere in the Stannary
    Realm and on the Stannary Meadow.
  • Please shower before entering the bathing and sauna area.
  • No cell phones in the Heavenly Realm (Relaxation) & Stannary Realm (sauna) areas!
  • The Heavenly Realm & Stannary Realm are places for relaxing. Please behave with
    discretion and avoid making too much noise.
  • Out of consideration for other guests, the loungers must not be “reserved” with towels!
  • Please use a towel that is large enough for your whole body to lie on. This goes for
    lying down in the quiet zone and for the saunas so that no sweat drips onto the

Stannary Lore
How to get the most out of your sauna

    Always have a shower before entering the sauna.
    Not only for hygienic reasons but also because a slightly warmed skin sweats more quickly. Dry off well as
    this will also improve the circulation. Use a large sauna towel to avoid contact with the wood.
  • If it becomes unpleasant: get out at once!
    With a sauna you’re doing both body and soul good. But only if you know your limits and respect them.
  • Short and intensive instead of long and half-hearted.
    Sweat for 8 to 15 minutes. Stay in the sauna for as long as you enjoy it. You should spend the last two minutes
    sitting up in order to get the circulation used to an upright position.
  • IMPORTANT: Cooling off properly
    Don’t have a shower straight after the sauna. Your body now needs oxygen, so cool off first in the fresh air.
  • You now need a break.
    Before the next sauna session you should have a rest for at least 20 minutes. That would be just the right time
    for a massage because the sauna session enhances the relaxing effect of the applications.
  • Drink, drink, drink!
    You body now needs water. In our Drinks Area there is mountain spring water and herbal teas waiting for
  • 2 - 3 sauna sessions a day are plenty
    Continuity is more important! 1 - 2 weekly sauna sessions even in summer!