Let us pamper you from head to toe with our expert and quality cosmetic services. From manicures to facial treatments, here at the Plunhof, you get all the benefits of a complete wellness program for a healthy and well-groomed appearance. We use only premium brand products and proven techniques.

For love of life - certified organic cosmetics for feeling good. MARÍAS Organic Care has developed care concepts and products that are bywords for quality and purity The best guarantee of outstanding products is gentle processing of the finest ingredients from quality-controlled organic or Demeter-certified produce. The natural cosmetics factory is run as a family business. The products and the ingredients are guaranteed to be non genetically modified and to involve no experiments on animals - that goes without saying. It also goes without saying that the packaging is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and contains natural tensides, emulsifiers, scents, colouring agents and preservatives.

The laboratory of nature – Mary Cohr has developed natural skin care products without genetically modified organisms and without paraben compounds, so that your skin can benefit from the best and most effective active phyto-ingredients. The specific combination of essential oils invigorates even the most demanding skin and infuses it with new energy and charisma.