With the exclusive spa treatments at the hotel Plunhof, Spa Minera in South Tyrol, you can immerse yourself in a world of balance and harmony. Allow yourself the luxury of that extra touch of comfort and happiness that will make your vacation something really special!

The term "Wellness" encompasses the concepts of well-being, fitness, and happiness and thus stands for a holistic health approach, based on health and satisfaction. In addition to spa treatments, healthy eating, enjoyment, and physical fitness are its central elements. The positive influence of spa treatments on our body and our mind is immediately noticeable. The maxim of the wellness movement is: "To live healthy enjoyable!" - And that fits quite nicely to South Tyrol!


So come and indulge yourself! Enjoy the exclusive and varied wellness program available at the Plunhof. We'll take you on a fascinating journey into the past. Experience the 'spa' experience in a unique new vision - Spa Minera - … dive into the fascinating world of the miners! In different places, on different topics, where there is a lot to learn and experience!


The start of an exciting journey ... 


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