Several times a year, our kitchen chefs Egon and Peter conduct cooking classes for our guests.
During these times, a cooking class is held once a week under the direction of Chef Egon. (You'll be given a recipe folder with about eight recipes and a cook's apron.) Come to South Tyrol and learn all about South Tyrolean cuisine


Creative Cooking!

"The first thing that my mother taught me in the kitchen is that good cooking requires a certain sensitivity," says Egon. His brother Peter thinks that it isn't the recipe that matters, but what you make of it.


Mens sana in corpore sano – A sound mind in a sound body. That's the motto of our siblings Egon and Peter when it comes to cooking and life in general. Both are enthusiastic sportsmen and know that exercise is important for good health. But without the right nutrition, one's body can't deliver the desired performance. That's why these two brothers like most of all to prepare culinary fitness meals using organic products – as well as "sinfully delicious" dishes with local ingredients.