The simple house chapel stands on the approach road to the Hotel Plunhof. Everyone visiting the Plunhof has to pass it. Inge and Klaus Tutter, guests of many years’ standing and friends of the Volgger family, financed the building works and thereby fulfilled a particular desire. The Volgger family, who provided the land, likewise realised a long-held desire.

After a short construction period the chapel was consecrated on 7 October 2000 under the protection of St. Leopold – the titular saint of the since sadly deceased hotel owner, Leopold Volgger


The windows with their painted representations of Saints Leopold and Nicolas above all create a pleasant atmosphere in the interior, where a wood-carved Jesus on the cross can be found with statues of Joseph and Mary with burning heart. The altar stone, a granite block weighing 1.65 tonnes, comes from the German Fichtel Mountains, while the bell was specially brought to Ridanna from Greece.

The Leopold Chapel stands in a small larch wood, with the location and particularly the simple chapel radiating a peaceful charm and inviting visitors to internal contemplation and prayer.